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July/ August 2011                                                                          Volume 18, Issue 4
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Organized Karma
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Our Team

Board of Directors


Donna Rosman CPO-CD®

Progressive Organizing Services

(310) 910-3268  
Nadine Levy
Management 180




Nicole Ballard

Nicole Ballard Design Group 


Regina Lark  

A Clear Path 

Dina Newman jul2010
Director of Administration

Dina Newman

Organizing Concepts & Design 




Kim Rocke

Kim Rocke
New Leaf 


Kathryn Masci 2


Director of  Membership

Kathryn Masci

Get Organized / Be Harmonized  




Robyn Reynolds  

Robyn Reynolds



Director of Associate Membership
Leslie Haber
An Organized Life 

Lisa Suchesk -2

Director of Professional Development

Lisa Suchesk

Timeline Organizing




Katherine Macey
Immediate Past President
Katherine Macey
Organize to Excel
 Committee Chairs


Associate Member Coordinator
Lois Koch

CD Support Group
Jean Furuya

CPO Certification Liasion
Barbara Ricketts CPO®

Wendy Hughes
Golden Circle    
Mishele Vieira, CPO®, Chair
Claire Flannery, CPO®
Toni Scharff
Esther Simon
Greeter Coordinator
Christie Gelsomino

Tina Brooks

Meeting Assistant
Member Spotlight
Beth Zeigler

Neighborhood Groups
Coordinator: Kathryn Masci
Tanya Whitford, CPO
Hollywood: Beth Zeigler
South Bay: Beverly Clower
Upland: Millie Hinkle
Ventura: Kathryn Masci
Westsiders: Toni Scharff

New Member Orientation
Toni Scharff, Co-Chair
Debra Frank, CPO-CD®, Co-Chair

Online Ambassador
Master Cruz
Sara Getzkin

Professional Organizers Learning Academy (POLA)
Jean Furuya
Regina Lark
Donna D. McMillan


Registration Assistant
Jennifer Dion

Silent Auction
Tara Kenavan
Visitor Liaison
Lori Gersh 

Website Coordinator
Kim Rocke

Kim Rocke 


MAY 2011
53 members
6 visitors
Chapter Membership: 129

June 2011
49 member
7 visitors
Chapter Membership: 135  

Board Meeting



MAY 2011


Board passed three motions:


Volunteers of the Month will now receive a $5 gift certificate + printed certificate for their efforts!


Chapter Volunteers will soon wear special ribbons to encourage other Members to get involved with the Chapter.


Chapter meeting attendees will now receive a table number so visitors have a chance to share tables with veterans! Cool idea, huh?


JUNE 2011


Passed a motion (8-0) to add to the Board the position Director of Associate Membership. 


Passed a motion (9-0) to appoint Leslie Haber to the position of Director of Associate Membership.

Associate Members
Custom Closets 
 (310) 516-7000 x224 

Go Junk Free America 
Go Junk Free America! 
 Email Evan Berger 

North Star Los Angeles Movers 



Custom Garage Systems 
(818) 232-7683
northstar logo
Office Organization Products 
Email Barbara Schmit
(818) 232-7683
Custom Glide-Out Shelves for Cabinets & Pantries
Email Michelle Smith 
(310) 980-4906

Paul Albarian 

 Email Paul Albarian 

Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC

3500 West Olive Avenue Suite 300

Burbank California 91505


Promote Yourself or Your Product: Advertise!


By Kenya Erving

Erving Consulting Group


Don't miss out on the opportunity to advertise your business in The Los Angeles Organizer.  Let everyone know about the products and services you offer by running an ad in our award-winning newsletter. Space is available for members, non-members and associate members. 


To purchase an ad, go onto the NAPO-LA website at and click Advertising.  Size options and prices are available online.  Advertising space starts as low as $25. Hurry, act now! Space is limited! 


For more information, contact Kenya Erving, who handles newsletter advertising, at (323) 253-3426 or send her an email at  If you know of any businesses that offer great products and/or services for Organizers, please forward their information to Kenya to contact regarding ad space.

NAPO National Membership

Annual Dues
$230 - Active Member*
$150 - Associate-Branch
$250 - Associate-Local
$300 - Associate-Corporate
$20 - Processing Fee


*Provisional member dues are $200 plus a one-time $20 processing fee. You are an active member* if you have completed your provisional membership year, or are a new NAPO member with more than one year of professional organizing experience.  

NAPO National dues can be paid online. Proof of paid dues is required at time of joining NAPO-LA. NAPO National submits its renewal notices directly to members on their anniversary dates. NAPO-LA annual membership dues are renewed each September. You can also join NAPO-LA online.

NAPO-LA Chapter Membership

Regular Members:  
Dues are prorated
25% quarterly.  $100 - Level 1
Yearly dues and Website Listing in the "Find an Organizer" section of our website.
$25 - One-Time Processing Fee
$25 - Lapsed Member Processing Fee

Associate Members:  
Dues are prorated 25% quarterly.
$175 - Branch Associate Member - Local branch or regional office of a Corporate Associate Member
$300 - Local Associate Member - Locally-based, self-operating retailer, supplier, designer, or independent sales representative engaged primarily in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of organizational equipment, supplies, or organizing-industry related services.
NOTE: All members are required to sign a Code of Ethics as part of their membership.     


The Los Angeles Organizer   

Audra Cottrell 

Audra Cottrell

Organized Impressions by Audra   


Julie Naylon 2


Julie Naylon

 No Wire Hangers- 

The Green Way to Organize 


Newsletter Advertising

 Kenya Erving
Lois Koch
Kathryn Masci
Toni Scharff

The Los Angeles Organizer is published bimonthly (January, March, May, July, September and November). The newsletter is emailed to NAPO-LA members and associate members, NAPO national board members, and NAPO chapter presidents, and is available to the public on our website. All content is are copyrighted. All rights reserved. 

Submission Guidelines 


NAPO-LA members are encouraged to contribute to this newsletter. Articles are not to exceed 500 words in length. Submissions must be received by the Editor no later than the 20th of the month prior to the month of publication. You may send your article as a Microsoft Word document or directly in the body of an email. Photos should be .jpg, 72 dpi, sent with your article. All article topics and content must be approved by the Editor. Submit editorial to

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New NAPO-LA Members 



Ashley Stanfield

Creatively Neat


Pamela Morency

Creating Clarity, LLS


Danielle Lescure

Straighten Up and File Right 


Mary Anne Lantieri

Apparent Priority 




NAPO-LA Calendar 



25th-POLA Workshop-Q&A Session 3:00-5:00 pm

25th-New Member Orientation 3:30 pm

25th-Chapter Meeting 6:15 pm

31st-Golden Circle Meeting 11:30 am



22nd-New Member Orientation 3:30 pm 

22nd-Chapter Meeting 6:15 pm



15-17th-ICD Conference in NC

20th-CD Support Group 6:00-8:30 pm

24th-POLA Workshop-David R. Masci 9:00 am-1:00 pm

26th-New Member Orientation 3:30 pm

26th-Chapter Meeting 6:15 pm

President's Message



Donna Rosman, NAPO-LA President
NAPO-LA to me, is about leadership, learning, and community. We are all a part of an organization that is made up of the most welcoming, encouraging, cooperative and inspiring group of people I have ever experienced. It is an honor to serve as your president for this upcoming year, and I will do everything in my power to listen, to provide guidance and to facilitate the already powerful volunteer work force our organization has in place. I am serious about wanting to hear from any of you. My phone number is 626.303.7310. Please call me if you have any suggestions or comments, constructive feedback (that's the NAPO National term for "complaint" - I thought it was a good one!) or a good idea you want to share.


I first joined NAPO-LA when John Trosko was president, and Jodie Watson was Vice President.  I immediately felt so encouraged and welcomed by both of them, and it made a lasting impression on me.  My confidence level soared when I realized that I had found "my people," and as I got to learn more and more about NAPO-LA I was determined to pay back (or pay-it-forward) by offering my own leadership service to others.   Now, we as your new board, want to be "your" people, and we are here to serve.

Your new board of directors will be focusing on member satisfaction and support this year, and that includes Associate Members and Professional Organizing members. We will work to get to know each other better; to share our knowledge; to network and create new business relationships; and to educate and promote certification for our industry. Your Director of Membership, Kathryn Masci is busy with her team planning Family Fun Day - just around the corner in mid-August. Watch your emails for more details about this fun event that will take place in Sherman Oaks!

We are proudly launching our newly-designed website any day now, and I'd like to thank Deborah Kawashima (who has by default become our chapter's art designer) for all her work and input as she collaborated with Communications and Technology Director Kim Rocke to design a thoughtful and effective new and updated look for visitors to our site.  Kim and Deborah will have the opportunity to tell you all about the website at our next chapter meeting.
Your board is here to serve you and work with you.  As I said earlier, we welcome your suggestions.  I'd like to thank Julie Naylon of No Wire Hangers for her green suggestion to me at the last meeting that we make your chapter meeting agendas available in advance online, so that we can be greener at our meetings, and not print unnecessarily. Any small change, when added to other small changes, creates the Best Practices records that will continue to refine and improve your experience with NAPO-LA. 
So it is with gratitude that I salute you, veteran members, for establishing a truly unique and powerful industry organization. It is with warmth and enthusiasm that I welcome all of our new members.  If we haven't yet met, please come introduce yourself at our chapter meeting. 
Very Sincerely Yours,
Donna Rosman, CPO-CD






NAPO-Los Angeles Chapter Meeting      

NAPO-LA Chapter Meeting


July 25, 2011 at 6:15 P.M. 


Finding Your Authentic Voice: Creating an Effective Online Presence  

Kathy Tafoya 

 with Katy Tafoya


Join us on July 25, 2011 for a presentation by guest speaker Katy Tafoya, Los Angeles-based social media strategist and small business coach.  Ms. Tafoya will present strategies for creating a strong authentic online presence.  Whether you're starting from scratch, or looking to rebrand, an effective online presence will help your ideal clients find you. 

Organized Karma

By Sara Getzkin, Hands On Organizing Services

In part 1 of this article (March/April edition), I explored the government-imposed phase-out of incandescent light bulbs.  In part 2, I'll discuss CFL costs, features, concerns, and safety.


How do you save money when a CFL costs more than a standard incandescent bulb?

Each CFL may cost more than a regular bulb (and the prices are coming down as time goes on), but the true savings is in energy costs.  A CFL uses about 75% less energy than a standard bulb.  90% of the energy an incandescent bulb burns is wasted as heat.  Therefore, you might be using your air conditioner more because of the heat that is produced to light your home!  Most calculations project that we could all be saving 12% on our monthly electricity bills just by switching to CFL bulbs.


Aside from energy savings, do CFLs last longer?

Yes, if used correctly a CFL bulb can last 5 years or more.  According to the Energy Star program, turning a CFL on and off frequently shortens its life, so they recommend leaving lights on for at least 15 minutes at a time.  All CFLs that have the Energy Star label are required to carry a 2-year limited warranty.  If the bulb burns out prematurely, they suggest contacting the manufacturer.  If your light fixtures have dimmers, make sure to purchase "dimmable" CFL bulbs - not doing so will shorten the life of your CFL and cause bulbs to flicker.  Flickering lights drive me crazy!


Doesn't everyone looks terrible in fluorescent lighting?

I will admit that I hate being bathed in fluorescent light at the supermarket and in dressing rooms.  The early CFLs gave off that same blue tone.  Manufacturers are now offering more variety and they are attempting to improve tones.  Look on the package for a Kelvin temperature in the 2700 to 3000 range for a more "natural" glow.


CFLs contain mercury.  If one breaks, do I have a toxic spill on my hands?  How do I recycle CFL bulbs?

No, but CFLs do contain very low levels of mercury.  One bulb has about 1% of the mercury found in a thermometer.  Use extreme caution when cleaning up a broken bulb.  Don't touch broken pieces with bare hands, air out the room, and seal the broken bulb in a glass jar or doubled plastic bag. The best safety instructions I found were from the EPA (  Take burned out bulbs (and broken bulbs) to a nearby household hazardous waste disposal such as our S.A.F.E.Centers

( Stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, and Ikea all have disposal programs as well.


For more information about CFLs, go to:  



Organizing Tips 

Julie Naylon 2

My Top Three Favorite Free Apps 

by Julie Naylon, No Wire Hangers 


1. Cardstar-You can ditch all of those membership cards in your wallet and on your key chain with this great app. Simply take pictures of your cards with your camera phone and it will instantly upload the bar code into your phone. You'll also receive coupons and deals to local and national merchants, at no cost to you!


2. Evernote-Imagine if you could keep everything you read, saw or heard about in one place where you could easily access it whenever you wanted. Well Evernote does exactly that. It's your personal digital assistant. You can use it to store your notes, clip interesting web pages and pictures. You'll be able to access these items from your home computer, cell phone or even on the web.  


3.Remember The Milk- This is the best way to stay on top of your "To Do List". This app allows you to keep track of all that needs to get done and reminds you if you don't finish it. Never forget what you need to accomplish again!  


Got some great tips? Email them to Esther Simon, The Traditional Home Organizer 


Golden Circle


The Reality of Organizing on TV

Sara Getzkin, Hands On Organizing Services and a Golden Circle Member


In the past 12 months, I've been fortunate to film three episodes of TLC's HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE.  Like most people, I am fascinated with hoarding shows and "reality" television.  After the first episode aired, I was bombarded with questions from my friends and fellow organizers about what REALLY happens on the show.  Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions:


How did the show find you?  How did they pick you to work with the show's hoarders? 

In 2010, the show hadn't filmed an episode in the L.A. area, but they were working with a mental health professional in the area.  That professional originally recommended Elizabeth Butler (Extra Wife) for the show.  Since Elizabeth is semi-retired, she recommended me to the show's producers.  I didn't audition.  There was no screen test.  I had several phone calls with the producers, and I got the job. I am still most flattered that Elizabeth thought of me. 


Where do you find the hoarders?

I don't.  The show has a website where hoarders, friends or family members can apply to be on the show.  The producers are looking for people who have interesting background stories and who are ready to make a change.  There are no "ambush make-overs" or surprise organizing.  We all want the same end result - to conquer the clutter.


How many days do you film?

Usually I film one or two days.  The client begins a few days earlier filming their back-story, a tour of their home, their friends and family members (support system), and a brief meeting with a mental health professional who specializes in OCD and hoarding behavior.


How long does it take you to organize those places? 

It depends on the client.  This show doesn't promise instant results.  It is filmed documentary style and nothing is staged for the camera.  Once the initial filming is done, the camera crew goes away and it's just the client and me.  Typically, we meet once or twice a week.  If the client allows it, sometimes there are friends and/or family members that will lend a hand.  However, for the most part, it's just the two of us.  Depending on their production schedule, the camera crew returns in 4 to 6 weeks to document the progress made.  For this show, it's usually a room or two that we've organized - not the entire house.  Sometimes my clients are so motivated, they surprise the producers by organizing even more areas than expected.


Do you get paid for your work?  Does the client get paid?

Yes and yes.  The Discovery Networks pays a pre-determined flat-fee. It's about the equivalent of 20 hours of my time.  The hoarder receives payment with the hope that they will use the money to pay for further guidance from a mental health professional and/or professional organizer.


Do you follow up?  What happens after the show?

Of course!  I'm happy to report everyone is doing well.  Patti (my 2nd episode) and Linda (episode will air this summer) are both still very motivated and say that working with a professional organizer was life changing.  Although we may not be working together as we were on the show, I let them know that they are welcome to call or email anytime with organizing questions and progress reports. 


TLC's HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE is currently airing season 3 and is about to begin filming season 4.  





Are you a member of the Golden Circle ListServ? Open only to Golden Circle members, this ListServ allows more seasoned professional organizers to network with each other. To get started, log into and go to the Golden Circle Page. In the second paragraph you will see a link for the Golden Circle ListServ. Clicking the link will allow you to go to the page to sign up for the ListServ. Once approved, you can post to the ListServ by sending an email message to




Mark your calendars for the following dates. Details will be sent out via Evite prior to each meeting.  


The next Golden Circle meeting will be held on Sunday July 31st at 11:30 am, in Santa Monica at the home of Esther Simon and co-hosted by Lynne Gilberg CPO®, CPO-CD. Additional details have been sent via Evite. If you are a Golden Circle member and are not receiving our Evites, please contact Golden Circle Liasion, Mishele Vieira, CPO® at


Upcoming meeting Saturday, October 15, Host Toni Scharff


NOTE: Qualifications for Golden Circle membership include five years in business as a professional organizer and one year as a NAPO member. Quarterly meetings are held in the homes of Golden Circle members, where we network, share information, and get to know each other on a more personal level.


All eligible Golden Circle members are invited to join the Los Angeles Area Golden Circle. Chapter membership is not required; NAPO National membership is. More information is available on the NAPO National website or by contacting Mishele Vieira at  


NAPO-LA Professional Organizers Learning Academy


Ask The Organizers  

NAPO-LA's Education Committee, The Professional Organizers Learning Academy (POLA), offers a two-hour Q&A Session.  This is your opportunity to ask those burning questions: how to move your business forward, manage client issues, identify chronically disorganized (CD) clients, understand what's holding you back, and more.


Learn solutions.  Gain control.  Grow your business.  Formulate a plan of action during this session.  A panel of chapter members, highly accomplished in their fields, will answer your questions in an interactive open forum.




When: Monday July 25th, 2011 

Time:  3:00 pm to 5:00 pm -- prior to NAPO-LA meeting           

Where: Olympic Collection, 11301 Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles

Cost:NAPO-LA Members $25 -- Non-Members $35

Register:Online at 

Advance registration and payment required

Registration will close Tue. July 19th. 


Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a receipt and e-mail with




No refunds for POLA classes. If you are unable to attend this class, the fee will be applied toward another POLA class within one year's time.  


For more information: contact  





The Professional Organizers Learning Academy Presents


David Masi 




In this interactive question-and-answer format workshop, David R. Masci of Masci & Masci Attornies at Law, will discuss how the law can affect your professional organizing business and your clients. If you have ever wondered "Am I doing this right?," then this is the workshop for you!


David will help you understand . . .


·    The pros and cons of Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations


·    The benefits and drawbacks of being incorporated


·    How to write a simple contract that will be enforceable


·    Why professional organizers need liability insurance


·    What you should know about having employees or subcontractors


·    How to understand tax law as it relates to business deductions


·    How to create a structure for document retention and when to shred documents


·    How to get paid by a difficult client


·    What you need to know about Small Claims Court


·    What professionals you should use to support your business



Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions for David prior to the workshop and receive a SAMPLE CONTRACT plus links to governmental resources that will help your business and your clients' businesses.


David R. Masci, Attorney at Law has been in practice for over 14 years.  He specializes in family law and mediation.  David is active in assisting his wife, Kathryn Masci, a NAPO-LA Professional Organizer, manage her organizing business.  He clearly understands the issues facing a Professional Organizer.


Date:     September 24, 2011, Saturday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location:  Westside Pavilion, 10800 W. Pico Blvd., L.A.

Community Room A, Level 3

Cost:   $99 for NAPO-LA members, $119 for nonmembers


For more information and to register:  



CD Clients - Support Group For L.A. Chapter Members



Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 20. The topic will be "Creative Ways to Deal with CD Clients Memorabilia/Treasures". Meeting time is from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Time will also be spent sharing our individual issues.  Limited to 12 attendees. A simple pot luck is planned.


To RSVP or for further information, email Jean Furuya at or call (310) 316-1753.


If you are working consistently and on an ongoing basis with chronically disorganized clients, you are invited to participate in an informal support group.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Summer Class Schedule 


ICD Logo 


 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

 It's 10:00 p.m. Have You Done Your Homework Yet?







 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

 Digital Disorganization (HRD-345)    




 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

 Working & Communicating with Clients Home from Combat (LT-210)    




 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

 Understanding the Clutter-Hoarding Scale (ICD-215)    




 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

 Working with Seniors Who Hoard (ELD-230)    




 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

 The New Time Management & Overcoming Digital Distraction (ADM-390)    




 5:00 pm  - 6:00 pm  

 Foundations of Student Organizing (STU-225)    




 5:00 pm  - 6:00 pm  

 Understanding the Language of Disabilities: An Overview (PHY-300)    




 8:00 pm  - 9:00 pm  

 Getting Past the Chore Wars & Parent-Child Dynamics in ADHD-Impacted Relationships (ADD-160)    



Institute for Challenging Disorganization


ICD Logo


Upcoming Conference - September 15 - 17, 2011


Acquiring Minds:  How we Think - Act- Feel...about Possessions

Raleigh, North Carolina



Presentation line-up:


Helping, Holding, & Honoring; Integrating Knowledge, Resources and Sensitivity in Working with Bereaved Clients, presented by Carol Berns, Psy.D.F.T.

How We Make You Buy: A Retailer's Perspective on Shopping, presented by Rick Segel, CSP

To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop, presented by April Lane Benson, Ph.D.

Don't Panic! How to Handle Anxious Clients, presented by Reid Wilson, Ph.D.



Motivational Interviewing:  Conversations about Change and Post Conference: Motivational Interviewing (MI) -Optional, presented by Cathy Cole, MSSW, LCSW -

Separate registration required, Click here for more details 



The Secret Lives of Objects, presented by Corinne May Botz

Cultures of Consumption, presented by Louisa Rogers


Click here

to find out more information about these speakers



Register Today - your registration includes: 


· Full Conference Attendance, September 15 - 17

· Opening Evening Networking Reception (Thursday Evening)

· Meals (Friday: Breakfast, Lunch, Awards Dinner; Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch)

· Beverage Service


Early bird $495 for Professional Organizers (ICD, NAPO, POC, AAPO, NBPO, JALO)


Click here for Conference fees and registration


Education. Research. Strategies.   


Volunteer Opportunities in NAPO-LA


Below is a list of the volunteer opportunities currently available with your NAPO Los Angeles Chapter. In most cases no experience is necessary and any training needed will be provided.  The time commitment can vary depending on time of year (if it's closer to Awards season), but most require just a few hours each month. If you have questions or comments or would like to volunteer, you can contact Erin Haas at or you can contact the board member directly.


NAPO-LA Volunteer Opportunities


Google Docs Forms/Survey Expert (Volunteer Coordinator, Erin Haas)

Create a Google Docs Survey to collect data on Member's volunteer interests.

Greeter Coordinator (Membership, Kathryn Masci)
Makes sure there are greeters welcoming guests at every chapter meeting and fill in as needed.
Assistant Photographer (Administration, Dina Newman)
Take photos at Chapter Meetings when the Photographer is not available.
Website Content Editor/Coordinator (Communications & Technology, Kim Rocke)
Assess the content on the website, making sure that updates are provided to Kim for uploading, etc.

NAPO-LA Neighborhood Groups

Many of the Neighborhood Groups hold informal bimonthly meetings throughout the Los Angeles area. A benefit of chapter membership, these offshoots of NAPO-LA offer education, networking and support. Check below for the group nearest you and contact the Facilitator for information on the next meeting.

If you'd like to volunteer as a Facilitator for one of the open groups, please contact Committee Chair Kathryn Masci by email at


Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena: Tanya Whitford, CPO®, Facilitator

Hollywood: Beth Ziegler, Facilitator

Orange County: Facilitator Needed

South Bay: Beverly Clower, Facilitator

Upland: Millie Hinkle, Facilitator

Ventura: Kathryn Masci, Facilitator

Westsiders:Toni Scharff, Facilitator

NAPO Los Angeles 

Mission Statement: NAPO-LA is the organizing industry leader committed to providing the public with resources; providing professional organizers with education and support; and providing related industry professionals with unique channels for their products and services. 

NAPO-Los Angeles
PMB 134, 10573 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone 213-486-4477

The National Association of Professional Organizers, Los Angeles Chapter (NAPO-LA) is a legal entity separate and distinct from NAPO, Inc. (the National Association of Professional Organizers) and is not entitled to act on behalf of or to bind NAPO, contractually or otherwise.

For questions on our disclosure policy, please contact our Chapter President.

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